[PATCH 00/12] Clean up yet more pre-pciaccess garbage

Adam Jackson ajax at redhat.com
Tue Jul 29 12:00:07 PDT 2014

This series removes most of the remaining OS awareness in the PCI code,
delegating the hard work to pciaccess; phrased another way, struct
VidMemInfo is gone, and good riddance.

This has a bit more external impact than the last dead-code series, but
still not a huge amount.  Dropping xf86{Map,Unmap}VidMem means fixing up
geode, sis, xgi, neomagic, and newport.  Dropping xf86LinearVidMem means
a small fixup to mach64, and also means the pre-BWX alpha support is now
formally Somebody Else's Problem.  Finally, OpenBSD's pciaccess backend
requires that you pass in the /dev/mem fd from above, which is asymmetric
from how every other OS does it, so pciaccess will need an adjustment too.

Again, I'm happy to fix up all of the above before this is merged.  I
assume the OpenBSD fixup will basically be moving that code down into
pciaccess, but I'm open to suggestions.

Oh yeah, I've also not tested the linux vm86 backend change yet.  Mostly
that's because I want to delete that backend entirely.

On the plus side this burns off about a quarter of os-support/, and we're
finally actually doing just about everything through pciaccess that we
can, a mere six years after the merge!

 42 files changed, 61 insertions(+), 3763 deletions(-)

- ajax

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