Problem compiling X server

walter harms wharms at
Thu Jul 31 00:27:12 PDT 2014

Am 31.07.2014 09:03, schrieb Check Nyah:
> I'm running Scientific Linux 6.4, but it appears I can't compile
> because of the libudev-dev library, Scientific Linux has only version
> 147, while i've been told I need atleast version 151, this is provided
> only by fedora. I don't know if I'm actually coding on the right OS,
> if not I could install Fedora and see how it goes then.

You could install the libudev from source, or even better:
get the src.rpm from redhat and rebuild for SL6.4. I did that for several
packets for my OpenSuse system. (if everything works fine: rpmbuild -bb
should be sufficient).


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