Alternative approach for a nested-xserver based video driver

Laércio de Sousa laerciosousa at
Wed Jun 4 05:07:22 PDT 2014

Hello there!

Some time ago I've wrotten asking for current status of xf86-video-nested
development. I believe that, for a more robust single-card multiseat setup
with systemd-logind, a "real" Xorg server with some kind of nested video
driver works better than Xephyr, since it still lacks proper input
hotplugging, for example.

On the other hand, xf86-video-nested have received no relevant improvements
for years, while Xephyr graphics support development is quite active.

So I'm thinking on rewriting xf86-video-nested driver based on latest
Xephyr code. A more ambicious idea is to identify and move all video
related code that could be useful for both Xephyr and nested driver to a
shared library, namely "libephyr", and link them against it. We could even
rename xf86-video-nested to xf86-video-ephyr to reflect the new approach.

I have absolutely no experience in writing video drivers for Xorg, but I'm
open for learning. Any feedback from you will be welcome.

*Laércio de Sousa*
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