[PATCH] LibX11: rm redundant null checks

walter harms wharms at bfs.de
Sun Jun 8 22:58:51 PDT 2014

Am 09.06.2014 01:07, schrieb Rémi Cardona:
> Le samedi 07 juin 2014 à 11:54 +0200, walter harms a écrit :
>> remove more redundant NULL checks
>> note that _XkbFree() is realy Xfree()
> A couple of notes:
> 1) Please tell me you used Coccinelle's spatch to create that patch!
i used smatch
 2) Any reason not to replace XKBlibint.h's macros with their POSIX
> equivalent?
no, maintainers prefer to have one patch for one fix.
I noted several odd places

> 3) The indentation looks weird in some places, but chances are it's just
> my mailer doing weird things. So in any case:
> Reviewed-by: Rémi Cardona <remi at gentoo.org>
there are some places where i get warning from smatch too,
ntl i am not familiar with git and i feared i could not get
them our properly.
feel free to use indent.


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