Request for Evoc proposal draft review.(Shatter support for X server)

Check Nyah check.nyah at
Thu Jun 12 05:53:31 PDT 2014

Hello, Dave

> Okay I have two main worries with this project,
> a) I'm a lousy mentor, between timezones and workload I'm not sure I
> can commit to spending much time on this, but hey maybe I can make
> myself, if you only ask questions I know!

alright Dave thanks for the heads up :)

> b) I think the project as-is is too big a target, I think I'd probably
> aim for something a bit lower, maybe just getting shattered rendering

Alright ill reduce th scope of proposal and limit it to xephyr; focusing to
make possible shatter rendering.

> in a multi-head Xephyr, so you'd have the impedance layer and two
> Xephyr GPU screens, and you'd run a bunch of tests like xts and
> rendertest over the shattered rendering as a final goal. Polishing

Ok ill modify the proposal to focus on shattered rendering on two Xephyr
screens and focus some considerable time on testing and polishing the
impedance layer.

> impedance layer would be a major start, also things like how GLX or
> DRI might work should be considered but along with Xinerama I'd pu
i think these too should be considered but they 'll be the last items ill
work on if time permits.
> these as a bit of stretch goal, as I expect it will take a fair bit of
> time to get up to speed, I spent at least 2-3 SoC equivalent man hour
Yeah getting up to speed with the system and code base will take some time
and undestanding the whole picture. Thanks ill email you when ive modified
the proposal.


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