[PATCH] xwayland: Initialize device when reprobing

Axel Davy axel.davy at ens.fr
Sun Jun 29 05:43:41 PDT 2014


there is one here:



Axel Davy

On 29/06/2014 02:18, Boyan Ding wrote :
> Hi all,
>    The patch I sent fixed a problem in Xwayland. Please help reviewing it
> since I'm not very familiar with Xorg code.
>    One more thing. Now that Xwayland has been mainlined, shouldn't we add
> component xwayland in the bugzilla? Bugs about Xwayland are currently in
> wayland bugzilla.
> Thanks,
> Boyan Ding
> P.S. I had sent a patch before I subscribed this list and that patch was
> held back. This patch is the right one and please ignore that one if it
> eventually comes to the list.
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