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On 05/10/14 11:52 AM, Anish Kanchan wrote:
> Hello,
> I am Anish Kanchan (IRC nick:opensourcer), a student from Mumbai University,
> India. I wish to contribute to X.ORG <http://X.ORG>. I have gone through the
> ideas page and saw the list of projects.
> I have programmed mainly in C++, Java, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and Javascript in
> my college projects.
> The Wiki page suggests that all the projects of X.ORG <http://X.ORG> need
> knowledge of C and C++. I would like to choose a simpler project to begin with.
> Hence I think "Improved application of GLSL complier optimizations" would be a
> good choice.
> Could someone tell me how do I go about it, which documents to read and how to
> set up the development environment.

The GLSL compilers are actually part of the affiliated Mesa project, which has
it's own mailing list, mesa-dev (cc'ed here) due to the amount of traffic.

Fortunately, Mesa also has a simpler build environment to set up than the Xorg
server, as it has less dependencies - you can read about how to do that at:
and in the pages under "Developer Topics" in the left bar on that page (scroll
down a bit to get to it).

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