xorg endless vacation of code

walter harms wharms at bfs.de
Tue May 13 01:31:09 PDT 2014

Hello Tapesh,

to make things clear: i do not speak for Xorg, i can give you my
personal opinion only.

The first big question is: What is *your* interest ?
Driver development ? Applications ? Documentation ? ....

my plan would be:
1. hang out on the ML, see who is working on what area
2. choose something, send patches, set your self a target of
   say 5 successful patches (choose any number you like this
   is a hint not a rule), work in different area
   note: this should give you an idea, how to work and with whom
3. make decision what you want to do
4. make a proposal: keywords are: target, timeframe, testing, milestones, ...
5. send your idea to the xorg-board, talk to people so they
   can support your idea at the board

I hope this is helpful for you.


Am 12.05.2014 18:34, schrieb Tapesh Mandal:
> i have read the wiki page of xorg evoc but still dont know how to
> proceed...by the way any book for xorg development??would be great if
> anybody could help :)

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