Michel Dänzer is invited to help maintain master X server branch

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Mon Aug 15 16:51:52 UTC 2016

When Adam left for a week's vacation, Michel noted that the master X
server branch was not keeping up -- a couple of important patches were
not getting committed in a reasonable amount of time. I haven't had
enough bandwidth myself for several months and it wasn't obvious until
Adam's departure. I talked with Adam this morning and he agreed that it
would be really helpful if Michel would be willing to help maintain the
master branch.

The goal of collaborative maintenance of the master branch is to get
patches merged in a timely fashion while still having a strong process
of review and sequencing of major changes. We want master to always be
usable on most people's machines so that more people are testing the
code, and having a bit of central process has proven a useful tool for

Of course, the problem with having a group of people sharing
responsibility is that sometimes no-one ends up picking up a piece of
work. If you've got a patch which is ready to merge and has been left on
the side of the road, please feel free to poke one of us and cc'
xorg-devel. People on this list have volunteered to spend their time
helping manage the process of merging patches, so please be kind to them.

 * Eric Anholt      - glamor
 * Alan Coopersmith - security
 * Peter Hutterer   - input
 * Adam Jackson     - xfree86 backend
 * Keith Packard    - misc
 * Michel Dänzer    - mode setting stuff? glamor? (please let us know!)

A patch is ready for merging when it has been has been 'generally agreed
to be useful', has been reviewed on the xorg-devel list and has both
Signed-off-by: and Reviewed-by: lines.  'Generally agreed to be useful'
is sometimes a judgement call, and will depend on the current release
process status at times.

For anyone on this list who doesn't feel like they're able to respond in
a timely fashion at least most of the time, please let me know and I'll
stop advertising your name here; there's no shame in saying you don't
have time, and lots of value in making the list reflect who is active.

Also, for members on the list, feel free to push minor changes anywhere
(typos and other obvious stuff), but for anything more than that, make
sure to coordinate with the person listed for a particular area. That is
best done by sending email, and waiting a 'reasonable' amount of time
for a response before going ahead and pushing.

As above, the goal is to keep master usable by everyone all the time,
which means working together to make sure the story we're writing in the
master branch has a consistent plot and doesn't need 'retcon' on a
regular basis.

Thanks much to everyone for keeping X running, and especially to Michel
for being willing to help out with some of the tedium.

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