Backporting Xwayland fixes to 1.18.x

Olivier Fourdan ofourdan at
Thu Aug 25 09:38:59 UTC 2016


I have a few fixes in server-1.18-branch cherry-picked from master for Xwayland here:

   git:// :server-1.18-backports

These contains several fixes from master that can be useful for Xwayland (monotonic clock -including the fix for the original patch-, spurious key press events on focus changes, couple of fixes for memory leaks and double free) that can be useful for 1.18 (see bug 97467 for example).

This also contains the fixes for the key repeat issue that landed in master some time ago - Maybe that fix (actually 4 patches) could be deemed as too risky for 1.18?... I don't know.

So, do we plan release for the stable branch 1.18? If so, what's your take, should I send a pull request from this branch or are there patches that I should remove before as too risky for the stable branch?


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