[PATCH kdrive/ephyr v7 0/9] Xephyr input hot-plugging support and other additions for single-GPU multi-seat

Adam Jackson ajax at nwnk.net
Mon Feb 8 20:13:25 UTC 2016

On Fri, 2015-12-11 at 11:43 -0200, Laércio de Sousa wrote:

> This is the v7 of patch series which provides some missing parts
> for full single-GPU multi-seat support in Xephyr. The main difference
> to v6 is that now ephyr input driver for kdrive won't be loaded
> in multi-seat mode, i.e. if -seat option is passed to Xephyr, so that
> it'll handle only its seat's input hardware. In this version, we've
> also dropped patch to add command-line options -host-display and
> -host-auth for Xephyr (use "env DISPLAY=... XAUTHORITY=... Xephyr" instead).

Apologies for being unbelievably slow to review this. 1 2 6 8 and 9 of
this series look fine, merged:

To ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/xserver
   2c3e876..da69f2f  master -> master

3 through 5 I have some concerns about (sent separately) and I also
dropped 7 since it didn't apply with those skipped.

- ajax

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