just looking for tutorilals

ty armour aarmour at cipmail.org
Sat Feb 13 20:55:46 UTC 2016

On every and any part of developing the X window system. I do not know if i
can implement this on my current graphics card but It can be done.

I am developing a 3D gui window system. I could base it on X if you give me
adequate tutorials. what it means is that the window itself will be
rotateable zoomable, scaleable etcetera as though it exists in a 3D space.

I am going to build 3D computer monitors and Want to have my gui framework
written and implemented before I build the monitors. so whatever
information you want from this email...its yours.

but yeah tutorials on any and every aspect of developing X would be useful
and I am pretty sure I can make the computer think im working in 3D space.

but yeah tutorials on everything would help for everyone developing X.

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