[PATCH edid-decode v2 1/2] Make do_checksum reusable for DisplayID checksums.

Adam Jackson ajax at nwnk.net
Tue Mar 28 17:18:07 UTC 2017

On Mon, 2017-02-06 at 13:51 +0000, Mark Ferry wrote:
> DisplayID, unlike EDID and CEA, is a variable length structure.
> Allow for reuse of do_checksum by adding a length parameter.
> Return a boolean to allow the caller to record failure.

Merged, thanks:

remote: I: patch #137046 updated using rev 04ba66840c5b634a9064cd85bcb769d1b84615f4.
remote: I: patch #137047 updated using rev 24ebe5169012415a8ebf4f40bba218bc1db2997a.
remote: I: 2 patch(es) updated to state Accepted.
To ssh://git.freedesktop.org/git/xorg/app/edid-decode
   57c7306..24ebe51  master -> master

- ajax

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