[ANNOUNCE] X Server 1.19.7 maintenance release plan

Kevin Brace kevinbrace at gmx.com
Thu Feb 7 03:48:57 UTC 2019

Hi René,
I am planning to mainly release a maintenance release of 1.19 and possibly 1.18 later.
As Alan Coopersmith has stated, XAA has been gone for some time, and I doubt I am allowed to apply the 24-bit bpp EXA patch to older X Server releases and ship a new version.
    As for old S3 (i.e., Vision and Trio) and S3 ViRGE, I recently tested them on X Server 1.19.6, and at least ViRGE PCI and ViRGE GX2 AGP appear to work nominally okay.
What I mean by "nominally okay" is, booting X Server and being able to change the screen resolution from an OS panel.
Since it is "nominally okay," of course, there is no acceleration and standby resume is broken.

S3 Trio and older series appear to be broken and I am not able to even boot X Server with some devices like Vision 968 (both TI and IBM RAMDAC).
I did try Trio32 1 MB, but the screen is pretty messed up (it did boot X Server).
I can retry this with 16-bit color depth later.
    For the past 6 to 7 days, I have been trying to get old Trident graphics cards (i.e., TGUI and ProVidia) working with X Server 1.19, and I have now figured out why it is not working.
I will discuss this over on my blog soon.
Kevin Brace
Brace Computer Laboratory blog

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On 05 Feb 2019, at 02:06, Kevin Brace <kevinbrace at gmx.com[mailto:kevinbrace at gmx.com]> wrote: Hi,

Back in early January 2019, I proposed releasing X Server 1.19.7 since there are about 20+ fixes queued in since the previous maintenance release of X Server 1.19.6 back in December 2017.
I did not see anyone objecting to a new maintenance release, so I will like to appoint myself to this task.
Personally, I have never been involved in releasing such a large software package in the past, so I am sure I will need some help in doing this (in fact, I will ask for help very shortly).
Anyway, X Server is an important piece of a FOSS software stack, so even if it is a maintenance release, I do not want to mess it up.
If there are other deserving fixes that should be applied before the release, let me know.
I would imagine that the code should go through a testing phase (1.19.7 RC1, etc.) since I lack experience in handling such a large software package release.
Assuming everything goes right, I expect an official maintenance release around end of February 2019 to early March 2019.
Thank you for your effort, as visible on my YT channel I also like to play with nice vintage gear.
I guess 1.19 was with XAA already removed? For really vintage hardware and applications choosing the last xorg-server with XAA might make sense, so one can get this solid lines, fills, and such accelerated, ..?
Keep up the good work,
maybe I find some spare time to contribute S3/Virge or 3dfx fixes another day ;-)

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