xorg-xserver/Xext/shm.c - missing swapped case?

Ulrich Sibiller ulrich.sibiller at gmail.com
Mon May 6 16:20:51 UTC 2019


it seems to me that the shm code in the xserver's Xext code is
incomplte for the swapped case. In ProcShmDispatch() we have:

    case X_ShmPutImage:
        if (!noPanoramiXExtension)
            return ProcPanoramiXShmPutImage(client);
        return ProcShmPutImage(client);
    case X_ShmGetImage:
        if (!noPanoramiXExtension)
            return ProcPanoramiXShmGetImage(client);
        return ProcShmGetImage(client);
    case X_ShmCreatePixmap:
        if (!noPanoramiXExtension)
            return ProcPanoramiXShmCreatePixmap(client);
        return ProcShmCreatePixmap(client);

while in SProcShmDispatch() the PANORAMIX ifdefs are completely
missing (along with the relevant functions SProcPanoramiXShm...()).

Since that code is really old (the PANORAMIX stuff came in with
XFree86 in November 2003) I am wondering if this really a bug
or if am missing something crucial here?


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