[Bug 19406] New: Blank Screen, X freeze on my notebook ( Ati Mobility 9600 with radeon driver), ONLY with X.Org 7.4

Pedro R eusou15 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 5 19:56:55 PST 2009

Hello Simon, I had exactly the same problem, with a radeon 9600 mobility on openSUSE 11.1.

Ended up blaming it on openSUSE and switched distros. Other distros have the same problem, this is related to Xorg 7.3 and 7.4. 

Right now i'm running Debian with Xorg 7.3 and it seems fine. The fix is to go to xorg.conf (don't remember where it is in openSUSE) and under the "Device" section, see if the "Driver" is set to "ati". If it is, change it to "radeon" and contact me, because I suspect there is a problem with the hardware detection.

If you are already set to "radeon", then add the following under "Device"
Option            "DRI"              "False"
Option            "AGPMode"          "1"

Then it should work.

Keep in mind that you will lose 3d acceleration when you disable DRI... play with the setting a bit (you can set AGPMode to 1,2 or 4) to see if you can find what is failing, i'll do the same in my system.

This damn bug had me grinding my teeth and losing my time for an entire week!

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> Subject: [Bug 19406] New: Blank Screen, X freeze on my notebook ( Ati Mobility 9600 with radeon driver), ONLY with X.Org 7.4
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>            Summary: Blank Screen, X freeze on my notebook
> (Ati Mobility 9600
>                     with radeon driver), ONLY with X.Org
> 7.4
>            Product: xorg
>            Version: 7.4
>           Platform: x86 (IA32)
>         OS/Version: Linux (All)
>             Status: NEW
>           Keywords: NEEDINFO
>           Severity: critical
>           Priority: high
>          Component: Driver/Radeon
>         AssignedTo: xorg-driver-ati at lists.x.org
>         ReportedBy: simon at grootbramel.net
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> Hi,
> I am sorry if someone has already written a similar bug
> report. I have read
> myself through a lot of bugs in the last hour but none of
> the bugs I stumbled
> across was similar to what I have to report.
> I have a Notebook (Pentium M 1,5 Ghz with an Ati Mobility
> Radeon 9600), running
> OpenSuSE 11.0 with the latest KDE very fine. Compiz works
> great and I am
> satisfied. (There is no hardware-problem, obviously)
> However, two month ago I updated X.Org to 7.4 (because of a
> compiz problem I
> had have there) and everything broke down. I was frequently
> logged out or the X
> Server froze with only the mouse movable but nothing else
> possible.
> That was my first bad experience with X.Org 7.4.
> I simply reinstalled 11.0 and avoided using the repository
> with X.Org 7.4 in
> it.
> Everything was fine again until 11.1 came out.
> I thought my problem wouldn't be there any more (not in
> a stable release!) but
> it was.
> I tried Kubuntu 8.10 as well but it is the same there. At
> login sequence there
> is a black screen in Kubuntu or a Mousepointer movable at
> SuSE (very laggy,
> which might be due to a CPU @ 100% but I don't know).
> Neither in SuSE nor in
> Kubuntu there would be any input possible. I can do
> whatever I want - only a
> hardware reset brings my system down!
> In Kubuntu it happens reproduceable on battery power. The
> live CD won't even
> start then.
> In SuSE it is a bit of a random game but sooner or later
> the system freezes.
> It does not have to do with user rights (tried as root as
> well).
> In SuSE on a freshly new installed system Sax2 made the
> system freeze either!
> Only started Sax2 -r.
> However, I even tried the fglrx driver (which I not
> normally do) but that
> didn't work out either.
> My question? Will I ever be able to upgrade my system?
> thank you!
> Simon
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