patches on FC3 Re: [ANN] X11R6.8.2 Release Candidate 1 is out!

Felix Kühling fxkuehl at
Sun Dec 26 16:34:10 PST 2004

Am So, den 26.12.2004 schrieb Mike A. Harris um 6:41:
> Sergio Monteiro Basto wrote:
> > +#define BuildDevelDRIDrivers YES
> The Devel drivers are not part of the normal set of drivers built in 
> X.Org, because they are in a state of development, and are either 
> incomplete or insecure, or both, or have other known major issues of 
> some sort.  Once these drivers are considered both stable as well as 
> secure, they will probably be changed to be built by default in X.Org 
> upstream however.
> While we will not ship or support drivers that are known unstable or
> insecure in Fedora Core, we definitely encourage developers and/or users
> to compile the devel drivers and test them and report bugs to X.Org
> bugzilla, as this will help greatly to stabilize them so they can be
> included by default in future X.Org releases.
> I don't believe Savage DRI works properly currently.

Yes, it does. Though only the DDX driver on HEAD is DRI-aware so
far. However, the driver is as insecure as it gets ATM. I'm working on
this right now. I expect to have something ready to commit that works on
Savage3D and Savage4-based cards before New Year. I'm revamping the
binary interfaces between DDX, DRM and the Mesa driver. So all three
components will have to be updated at the same time. Stay tuned ...



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