[Xorg] next steps with the xorg tree

Kaleb S. KEITHLEY kaleb at keithley.org
Tue Feb 17 05:39:23 PST 2004

First some minor administrivia:

1. Some of you may have noticed the use of the $XdotOrg RCSID tag. 
Please add one to any files you edit.

2. You may also have noticed the CHANGELOG-CURRENT file at the top of 
the tree. When you check your changes in, please take a moment and 
update this file. At a minimum the comment should include the bug number 
in bugzilla. Your check-in comments should also reference the bug 
number. When you check in your changes, please update the bug report 
with the list of files you edited and the version number.

3. Now that XF86 has tagged RC3, I want to have a discussion about how 
we move forward in the xorg tree, post license change. The number of 
files that are polluted with the new license are fairly small at this 
point in time. Most of them have no other changes right now except for 
the license change.

The options that come to mind are:

A. Continue to import the whole XFree86 tree onto the vendor branch as 
we have done with, 4.4RC1, and 4.4RC2.

   Pro: it's simple.

   Con: There's a chance that files with the bad license could "leak" 
into our sources. By this I mean that the CVS vendor branch mechanism 
could bite us by supplying new files with the bad license from the 
vendor branch.

B. Generate diffs from an XFree86 tree. Prune out diffs for files with 
the bad license and patch our tree.

   Pro: ???

   Con: Have to keep track of which files are polluted so that we never 
apply patches from them. May have to black-box our own fixes to the 
files with the bad license.

C. Import an XFree86 tree onto the vendor branch after pruning out files 
with the bad license.

   Pro: it's nearly as simple as A. No leakage problem. Just have to 
search for bad licenses, as opposed to B where we have to remember which 
files have bad licenses.

   Con: Have to prune the tree before the import.

Any other proposals?



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