[Xorg] next steps with the xorg tree

Roland Mainz roland.mainz at nrubsig.org
Tue Feb 17 14:38:42 PST 2004

"Kaleb S. KEITHLEY" wrote:
> 1. Some of you may have noticed the use of the $XdotOrg RCSID tag.
> Please add one to any files you edit.

Just curious:
Why ? :)

> 2. You may also have noticed the CHANGELOG-CURRENT file at the top of
> the tree. When you check your changes in, please take a moment and
> update this file. At a minimum the comment should include the bug number
> in bugzilla. Your check-in comments should also reference the bug
> number. When you check in your changes, please update the bug report
> with the list of files you edited and the version number.

Is there no way to automate this and get a cron job create the changelog
Actually this leads to the next issue: What about setting-up a
"commit"/"checkin"-policy that issues should be commited to the CVS in
"one-issue per commit" mode and each change MUST have a matching
bugzilla URL (in the commit message) where the change is described (e.g.
similar like mozilla.org and many companies manage their tree) ? The
advantage would be that CVSblame could be used to lookup the bugzilla
bug and people could look there for additional information or drop
comments there...

> 3. Now that XF86 has tagged RC3, I want to have a discussion about how
> we move forward in the xorg tree, post license change. The number of
> files that are polluted with the new license are fairly small at this
> point in time. Most of them have no other changes right now except for
> the license change.
> The options that come to mind are:
> A. Continue to import the whole XFree86 tree onto the vendor branch as
> we have done with, 4.4RC1, and 4.4RC2.
>    Pro: it's simple.
>    Con: There's a chance that files with the bad license could "leak"
> into our sources. By this I mean that the CVS vendor branch mechanism
> could bite us by supplying new files with the bad license from the
> vendor branch.

In general I would vote for this mode since it is the easiest... :)
I doubt there is the manpower available review each single line of
change for any "bad license" stuff and then obmit the missing patches.
Sooner or later it will be impossible do simple imports since the
codebases started to differ.
BTW: Is it possible to import the Xfree86 sources in a way that the
"commit messages" in the Xfree86 tree are preserved ?



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