[Xorg] Xinerama backward compatibility issues

Egbert Eich eich at pdx.freedesktop.org
Thu Feb 19 10:41:30 PST 2004

Alan Coopersmith writes:
 > Kaleb S. KEITHLEY wrote:
 > > That's correct, no attempt has been made -- so far -- to preserve BC at 
 > > the wire protocol level. (Nobody has made the case that it needs to be, 
 > > either. Not yet anyway.)
 > 5 years of deploying software using the old interfaces and protocols means
 > we'd break a lot of interoperability if backwards compatibility wasn't there.
 > Deprecating them is good, removing them is not.

That would apply to the removal of the panoramiX requests from 
the wire protocol. 
I don't see the benefit of the rest of the changes.
The lib API is more standard conform as the XineramaGetData() call
now returns a status instead of a pointer to a list. The list is
returned in one of its arguments.
The XineramaActive() call just got a Window ID added - which I fail
to understand.


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