[Xorg] PEX and XIE

Egbert Eich eich at pdx.freedesktop.org
Fri Feb 27 06:42:15 PST 2004


XFree86 eliminated PEX and XIE from its tree after the release of
4.3.0. Basically the reason for this was that noone had shown any
interest in these extensions. Furthermore noone seemed to be able
to test PEX any more to verify that it works correctly and it
was widely believed that it has been broken due to other changes
in X.

I would like to drop these files from the Xorg release version I'm
currently working on to reduce the amount of dead code we ship.

Is there any strong objection (with a good reason)?

Furthermore I'd like find out if anyone
1. is still interested in supports these extensions
2. can verify the correct operation of PEX

If this is not the case I'd suggest to drop them from the 
CURRENT branch of the Xorg tree as well.


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