[Xorg] PEX and XIE

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Fri Feb 27 15:26:38 PST 2004

Roland Mainz wrote:
>>That it is faster on Solaris may be as SUN has enhanced it.
> I am not sure whether Sun touched the XIE sources for their
> implementation... 

A quick diff against X11R6.6 shows we're very close to that source -
I would imagine if we dug up the X11R6 sources we'd be virtually
identical other than the Imakefile changes to build ours into a
dynamically loadble shared module.

We certainly haven't touched the code in years and have discussed
EOL'ing it from Solaris since we thought no one used it.  If Mozilla
actually does use it, thats news to us.

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