[Xorg] kdrive screen rotation pointer display problem

Glenn McGrath glennm at hydrix.com
Thu Jun 3 21:43:28 PDT 2004

Hi, i have a problem with kdrive xfbdev.

If the screen is rotated left or right, 'xrandr -o left' or 'xrandr -o
right' then cursor movement is only displayed on the left hand margin
(relative to the newly displayed screen rather than the physical screen)

'xrandr -o normal' and 'xrandr -o inverted' work fine.

The cursor is still functional, i can still click on things and they
will activate, its just that the cursor isnt displayed.

The last working version i had was around 4th May, so i believe the
problem has been introduced in the last 3 weeks.

I did go back a rebuild Xfbdev but that didnt fix the problem, so i
think the problem must be in one of the associated libraries, im
thinking xrandr or xrender... but im getting a bit out of my depth...

Anyone else seen similar problems or can give me any pointers ?

I am using freedesktop's kdrive, not exactly sure of its relation to
xorg now, i just know the mailing list are being merged.


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