[Xorg] DRI merging

Peter Postmus p.postmus at st.hanze.nl
Mon Jun 14 11:32:55 PDT 2004

I've been reading this thread, and the arguments in it. Although I do
write small programs, I consider myself to be more of a Linux user than a
developer, which may mean this isn't the place for me to comment on this
discussion, but I think you might be missing one thing.

Although Windows Longhorn will have this all-new graphical system called
"Aero", it doesn't have to be turned on. In fact - if I'm not mistaken - the
Longhorn GUI will contain three layers: Aero Glass, Aero and a "Classic mode"
layer. If your graphics hardware can't handle Aero Glass or Aero, it's
possible to turn off these layers in Longhorn, and have about the same GUI as
is present in Windows 2000.

Please note, I'm no expert in this field and I don't know if such an approach
would even be possible on the X.org or xserver X servers (that name
definitely needs to be changed ;)), without changing the design too much. But
I do agree with John Smirl that, if Linux won't have a comparable GUI to
Windows Longhorn by the time it's released, many users that have converted
from Windows to Linux in the past, will convert to Longhorn again. I also
think compatibility with other UNIX-like OS's should be preserved, but it
sounds like this Longhorn-style approach could make that possible as well.

Met vriendelijke groeten,
With kind regards,

Peter Postmus

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