[Xorg] ATI IGPs?

John C. goeland86 at verizon.net
Mon May 10 17:47:06 PDT 2004

I've been using Xorg for quite a while now, from the stable gentoo ebuild.
However, there's one thing which doesn't really satisfy me with either 
XFree86 4.4 or Xorg,
my 3D chipset (laptop) is not supported for 3D hardware acceleration.
I know there's a patch out there, but for some odd reason it doesn't 
seem to work very well for me.
Can someone help me out? I had DRI working at one point, and now not 
anymore, and I don't know where I screwed up... or what I changed. I get 
some module error in the log though, something about needing version 
0.10.0 and not 0.9.0 or something... if you need the full log I can 
paste it in another email.
Thanks for any help.


P.S.: I've searched the archives about the topic, but didn't find 
anything. if I missed it, please indicate me the location of the thread.
Thank you

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