[Xorg] Supported Hardware Question

Daniel Stone daniel at freedesktop.org
Sun May 30 23:06:40 PDT 2004

On Mon, May 31, 2004 at 12:09:33AM -0500, Joseph Wagner wrote:
> We have an IBM RS/6000 server running AIX.  We were wondering if we can 
> compile and run X on this platform for use as a terminal server.
> Documentation on supported hardware is rather vague.  I'm worried that this 
> is because all efforts have focused on x86 hardware and nothing has 
> happened with regard to POWER processors.
> Exactly on how low a level does Xserver interact with the hardware?  Would 
> this prohit it from being ported to non-PC architechure?
> If it helps, the server was only going to be used as a terminal server, not 
> a terminal client.

Er, while I don't know the status of the Xorg stuff on RS6ks and AIX, I
can assure you that it's not exclusively PC. Debian alone has X (XFree86
4.3.0 plus a lot of patches) on ARM, Alpha, MIPS, PowerPC, SuperH,
PA-RISC (aka HPPA), IA64, AMD64, SPARC, et al; indeed, the only one of
Debian's architectures that does not run an X server is S/390, and that
for obvious reasons (it has no video output).

I don't know how well Xorg's stuff will run under AIX and on the R6k,
but I can assure that we're not all about PCs; witness, for example, the
guys from Sun who do a lot of work on X.

:) d, who has an UltraSPARC II on the desk next to his PC

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