AW: Re: 855GM and Dualhead/Xin

Alex Deucher alexdeucher at
Mon Nov 1 05:56:38 PST 2004

On Mon, 1 Nov 2004 10:06 +0100, hephaistos6 at <hephaistos6 at> wrote:
> hello,
> thank you for your answer!
> Now I get a new error saying:
>  (II)I810(0): 2 display pipes available
>  (II)I810(0): I830 CheckAvailableMemory 434172Kb available
>  (WW)I810(0): Invalid Monitor type specified for PipeA
>  (EE) I810(0): Monitor 1 or Monitor 2 cannot be type NONE in Dual or Clonse setup.
> I found out that the line Option "MonitorLayout" is meant. But if I remove the line (as you suggested to Wolfgang) I get an Error, that I have to set a MonitorLayout.
> currently I tried: Option "MonitorLayout" "CRT,LFP" and "Auto,CRT,LFP,None" and so on... But nothing worked.

hmm... Like I said, I'm not too familiar with either the i8xx driver
or intel hardware.  you might try removing the line or swapping the
order, something like "LFP, CRT" since I've heard the enumeration of
the crtc->output mappings can change at random.

good luck.


> Do you have an idea what might be wrong?
> Anyway -> the 2nd device is recognized now :)
> thank you in advance!
> --
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