cfb conversion effort (was Re: Debugging drivers?)

Adam Jackson ajax at
Mon Nov 1 06:55:31 PST 2004

On Monday 01 November 2004 02:15, Roland Mainz wrote:
> Erm... that will be a _huge_ problem as all the print DDX override the
> GC handing (the fully-vector based DDXs like Postscript and SVGprint
> should not be a problem... but all the PCL drivers are some kind of
> crossbreed between bitmap and vector DDX).

I admit to being out of my depth on this subject.  All I know is, when I did 
the sunleo conversion, the GCOps hackery didn't want to compile, so I dropped 
it on the assumption that it would not affect correctness.  Your drivers may 
be different.

As an aside, I assume this means the print DDXs don't support Render, correct?

Where do those DDXes even live?  I don't see them under programs/Xserver/hw.

> > There's an experimental patch to convert sunleo to fb:
> >
> > which I have received no feedback on as of yet, and I don't have the
> > hardware to verify it.
> Did you ask some of the Sun people yet ? They should have the matching
> hardware... :)

Not directly.  I'm under the impression that sunleo and sunffb aren't really 
considered interesting anymore.  I'd love to be corrected.

> > The final step would be converting our overlay support to use fb.  I
> > don't even know where to begin here, largely for lack of hardware.  I see
> > a couple of functions in the fb layer that look like they're intended for
> > overlay support.  I've been tempted to just drop our overlay support
> > altogether to see who complains; my guess is, roughly, nobody.
> Uhm... I would complain. LOUDLY. :)

"Our overlay support" here means "the cfb-based xf8_16bpp, xf8_32bpp and 
xf8_32wid modules in the xfree86 DDX".  I'm not talking about ripping all 
overlay support code out of X.  My world view is rather limited to using X to 
put pixels on screens on hardware that people actually have, so I apologize 
for using words like "our" without defining "us" first. ;)

I can count the in-tree drivers that use this support on one hand: chips, mga, 
glint, sunffb.  That's not exactly a sweeping majority.

- ajax
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