code bloat [was Re: Semaphore assembly-code bug]

Kendall Bennett KendallB at
Mon Nov 1 15:38:54 PST 2004

Adam Jackson <ajax at> wrote:

> Backing store and XAA are mutually exclusive.  If you do an
> XAA-accelerated operation to a region with a backing store, then
> you invalidate the backing store.  Woops. 
> XAA goes to a lot of effort to accelerate the primitives no one
> uses, and desperately needs to be taken out behind the barn and
> shot.  KAA accelerates probably a tenth of the ops XAA
> accelerates, but they're the right tenth so the code is simpler
> and the performance way better. 

KAA? Is that the new driver model that Keith was working on, or something 
else? Where do I find more information on this.


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