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Vladimir Dergachev volodya at
Mon Nov 1 18:52:28 PST 2004

>>>     - Jim
>> Yep, that was me.  Feel free to drop me a line if you have any
>> trouble making dlloader modules work.
> Sweet, it works perfectly! I nuked the /usr/X11R16/lib directory first
> and it seems to be fine.
> Now I have a problem that I ran into year ago but since I have been using
> the same Red Hat 7.3 box until now for debugging, I haven't seen it in
> ages. Basically if I take a copy of the existin Fedora Core 2 install and
> then do a 'make install' over the top, running 'startx' will start the
> desktop but I just get a bunch of X terminals starting up and not the
> usual KDE deskop that normally starts up. Switching back to the original
> files (I saved them and symlink the directories) and everything is fine.
> I forget what it is, but something about the install process blows away
> something in the startup scripts. Does anyone know what it is and how to
> make it do a make install that is friendly to the existing install so
> 'startx' will continue to function as normal?

The easy way is to create ~/.xinitrc and/or ~/.xsession that contain your 
preferred startup commands (for example startkde).

What probably happenned is that the following files
got overwritten with defaults - these files are shell scripts that are 
executed when you login using xdm or startx respectively.


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> It has been so long I forget what I did in the past to fix this.
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