Extending XFixes Extension

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Thu Nov 4 19:35:51 PST 2004

Owen Taylor wrote:
> I guess display connection information could be a last-resort fallback,
> but for that, I think you could just assume the standard 8/24
> split and go off the XID. 

Don't assume there's always 8-bits for client id - use the mask or you'll
break on Xsun (uses 11 bits for client ids in some releases/configurations
to allow 1024 clients), servers based on older pre-Xorg X11 releases (only 
allocated 7 bits to client ids), and those who've compiled XFree86 or Xorg 
with different values of MAX_CLIENTS since Keith made it configurable a
few years back.

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