Composite on RV350

Sean Middleditch elanthis at
Sat Oct 2 06:50:27 PDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-10-01 at 22:06 -0700, Roland Dreier wrote:
> I have an IBM ThinkPad T42 with an ATI "Mobility Radeon 9600" (RV350),
> and I just gave X11R6.8.1 a try.  Everything worked perfectly, but of
> course I wanted to try the fancy Composite eye candy a shot.
> Unfortunately it was quite slow.  With xcompmgr, dragging translucent
> windows was noticably laggy (to the point of being not fun to use),
> and metacity 2.8.1's built-in compositor was unusably slow (to move a

Metacity's compositor is a POS, don't use it.  Disable it and use
xcompmgr for now.

> window, I would have to wait a second for it to turn translucent
> before it started to move, and the window lagged a second or two
> behind the mouse).
> The laptop has a Pentium M 735 (1.7 GHz) so there should be plenty of
> horsepower.  Is there any hope for speeding this up, or do we have to

That doesn't really help much at all.  You need proper video
acceleration, not CPU power.

> wait/pray for ATI to open Radeon specs?  Would running the closed ATI
> drivers help, or do they only accelerate 3D?
> By the way, I also noticed that my mouse pointer theme no longer had
> an effect and I just got standard old X cursors.  Any idea what I was
> doing wrong (I'm running Debian sarge with XFree86 4.3; I moved
> /usr/X11R6 out of the way, installed Xorg into /usr/local/Xorg and
> then made /usr/X11R6 a symlink to /usr/local/Xorg)?
> Thanks,
>  Roland
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