Radeon TV-in support in Xorg CVS.

Ronny V. Vindenes s864 at ii.uib.no
Sun Oct 3 07:10:06 PDT 2004

lør, 02,.10.2004 kl. 23.12 -0400, skrev Vladimir Dergachev:
> Radeon TV-in support is in Xorg CVS.
> Notes:
>     * Please pound on it ! I did test the code, but I have only
>       one machine so this was not exhaustive.
>     * support for TV-in
>     * support for (A)RGB images
>     * support for setting overlay/graphics alpha (to make transparent
>       overlay windows)

There are a couple of compile failures with gcc 3.4.2:
radeon_video.c:2112: error: label at end of compound statement
fi1236.c fails to compile because of missing prototype for

Please apply attached (trivial) patch.

Also I have to say the sources in drivers/i2c are virtually unreadable -
parts are without ANY indentation and whitespace while the rest is not
using any consistent indentation or whitespace scheme. Please fix this
while the code is still fresh.

Ronny V. Vindenes <s864 at ii.uib.no>
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