Official procedure for feature removal ? / was: Re: Dead code: programs/Xserver/iplan2p[248]

Leon Shiman leon at
Mon Oct 4 19:23:38 PDT 2004

Hi Roland!

A procedure was carefully developed by X.Org about two years ago for 
deprecating an X.Org Standard. Paul Anderson, was chairman of the 
Architecture Task Force at the time (and still is). 

Suggest reviewing that work with Paul's help.


on Tue, 05 Oct 2004 03:31:35 +0200 Roland Mainz wrote: 
>Adam Jackson wrote:
>> These three directories appear to be completely abandoned.  I can't find 
>> reference to them in any of the live configs or Imakefiles.  According to
>> xf86's CVS history they haven't been substantially modified in eight 
>> Unless someone speaks on their behalf within, say, two weeks, these three 
>> getting deleted.
>It would be nice if you could file a bug into bugzilla to track that
>issue (and for the .../Xserver/ilbm/ code, too) that there is an
>official record of the removal.
>BTW: What about setting up an official procedure for such a feature
>removal similar to what Sun does in Solaris: First they annouce the
>removal of a feature ("EOL notice", "EOS notice"(=end-of-support)) in
>their release notes and then one of the _following_ releases then
>removes it (e.g. there is always one release cycle time for customers to
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