Amiga support and xc/programs/Xserver/ilbm / was: Re: Dead code: programs/Xserver/iplan2p[248]

Xavier Bestel xavier.bestel at
Tue Oct 5 09:17:59 PDT 2004

Le mar 05/10/2004 à 17:05, Adam Jackson a écrit :
> On Tuesday 05 October 2004 04:40, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
> > I `cloned and corrupted' afb to create ilbm and support interleaved
> > bitplanes on Amiga. By default amifb uses bitplanes, but if you pass
> > `video=amifb:ilbm', it will use interleaved bitplanes.
> >
> > The main advantages of interleaved bitplanes are:
> >   - You see less flicker when updating the screen, because the screen is
> >     updated line-by-line (for all planes), instead of plane-by-plane.
> >   - If you want to use the Amiga Blitter hardware, you can do one
> > rectangular copy by programming the blitter once, instead of for every
> > bitplane.
> Okay, this sounds useful.  So - modulo bugs - how come it never gets used?  I 
> don't see any drivers calling ilbmCreateScreen, or any references to it in 
> the Imakefiles.  Would it just be a matter of hooking it up to the right 
> cases in vesa and fbdev?

Is there even any need to keep non-interleaved bitplanes ? All Amiga
hardware is able to cope with ilbm (it's basic Copper-fu) and I can't
find any disadvantage from my rusty Amiga memories (except when you
start playing coding low-level, but I guess it's nowhere the case in X).


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