Xorg version number change

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Fri Oct 8 16:52:22 PDT 2004

Around 1 o'clock on Oct 9, Roland Mainz wrote:

> Please NO. Please simply stop this version number inflation. Even for
> the last release it wasn't really justified to bump the version number
> to 6.8 where 6.7.1 was sufficient

I'm not sure the rational for release numbers was made clear or not.  The 
basic plan is that the third digit is reserved for bug fixes of a critical 
nature.  6.8.1 is functionally identical to 6.8.0, the only change was a 
bug fix in the Xpm libraries.  When any functional changes are made, the 
second digit should be bumped.  When 'the world' changes, the first digit 
should be bumped.  What 'the world' means is debatable, especially as many 
systems have a lot of paths with 'X11R6' encoded in them.


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