Resize problems with savage and DRI.

Alex Deucher alexdeucher at
Sun Oct 10 20:19:04 PDT 2004

On Sun, 10 Oct 2004 16:52:26 +0100, Dan Gray <dan at> wrote:
> Hi,
>   I'm using the savage CVS code and am having problems with resizing the
> screen.
>   Both the standard Crtl-Alt-+ and SDL apps fail to rescale the display
> properly, with the C-A-+ option leaving corruption at the top and bottom
> of the screen (clears with I switch back to default 1024x768) and SDL
> (try Neverball or Tuxracer for an example) fails to resize the screen to
> lower resolutions, resulting in a strange, corrupt
> half-display-sort-of-thing.

Can you or Felix try again with cvs?  Unfortunately I don't have an
integrated savage to test on and savage4s don't seem to have the

>   Also, Xv seems to be glitching, generating vertical lines up and down
> the screen on high resolution video.

Xv should work now on savages with the "old" streams engine.  the
problem was the FIFO was being setup wrong for vertical interpolation.
 Vertical interpolation is also very bandwidth intensive and one of my
savages4s isn't up to it, so I've disabled it by default for all "old"
chips.  It's now available as an XV attribute
(XV_VERTICAL_INTERPOLATION) you can turn it off and on on the fly. 
After some testing I may enable it by default on some chipsets.



>   I've tried various combinations of xorg.conf file, does anyone have
> any  suggestions? Is this a bug?
>   BTW, i've been hosting binaries of the savage drivers for some time
> (see is there any information
> that you guys think I should be providing? I'm getting 4-5 downloads a
> day, so they're obviously being used somewhat.
>    Thanks
>     Dan Gray

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