[rfc] VIA dri and security.

Dave Airlie airlied at linux.ie
Mon Oct 11 17:14:26 PDT 2004

> AllowInsecureDRI is less secure than forcing users to run things as root
> or fix the code. And we want that code in kernel and causing pain in
> order to make people fix it 8)

I'm really with Keiths don't let them do anything until someone fixes it
.. makes life easier.. I don't think having in the mainline will force
people to fix it any quicker, anyone capable of fixing it is probably on
this list, (and in the via case on the unichrome one ..)..

I've just thought of another issue with the validation (and I haven't
reviewed the via code throughly...) but for the mach64 the problem was
that after the validation the buffers were still mapped into the user
application so it could modify them after validation if it was sufficently
sneaky enough... for the mach64 the idea was to allocate a pool of private
buffers using pci interfaces and use those to pass command streams after
verification.. the user app wouldn't be able to map these...


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