Are we doing a X11R6.8.x maintaince release ?

Leon Shiman leon at
Tue Oct 12 07:55:20 PDT 2004

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on Tue, 12 Oct 2004 09:46:23 -0400 Mike A. Harris wrote:
>Jim Gettys wrote:
>> Nothing is planned, at least at the moment.  If a suitably motivated
>> individual wanted to do one, I expect we'd be happy to see it happened
>> (most of our current effort is oriented toward a more significant
>> release early next year).
>> Security updates will, of course, be generated as needed.
>> 			- Jim
>I've talked with various others, and there is a strong sentiment to see
>the XORG-6_8-branch updated with bug fixes, so that over time additional
>point releases can be made.  Of course for this to work well, the
>additional work to maintain this branch into the future, and to perform
>the release engineering would require additional volunteerism, and it
>would seem reasonable to expect those who want the branch to be
>maintained to do this extra work.
>It would in some ways be like the linux-kernel, where Linus and various 
>other developers spend their time hacking on the "head" of development,
>while secondary and tertiary kernel maintainers maintain older branches
>of the kernel (2.4.x, 2.2.x) for some time afterward.
>For the stable branches however, I think no new "features" should go in,
>only security fixes, major bugfixes, and simple obvious fixes.  That
>doesn't go very far to define each of those 3 categories, however it
>is loose enough to initiate some discussion about it however.
>I think as long as those interested in seeing this happen come together
>and discuss thoughts, we can probably all come up with a common set
>of guidelines of how to proceed with future point releases in the
>stable branches.

we've begun to discuss this (with too few participants) on the open (and 
free in the US) Friday Wrangler's calls. we do need guidelines.  kevin made 
a good start. they were distributed to the members. we need help to finish 

>Some X.Org and/or external X developers may not want to be involved at
>all in any bugfixing for point releases.  If this turns out to be the
>case, I think that is also fine, as the people who want the releases
>should be the ones responsible for doing them.  Since this is all mostly
>volunteer developer work, it wouldn't be fair to expect volunteers
>to contribute and maintain old code they're no longer interested in.
>I mention the last part since it's the only reason I can think of for
>which someone might object to the idea of point releases - if it were
>to make them more work.  If they're not obligated to do so however, I
>can't see it as being a problem if others are willing to do such work.
>Having said all of the above, I believe there is sufficient number
>of interested developers and distributions to maintain at least the
>stable branches that are actively shipped and supported in various
>OS distributions out there, so it's basically just a matter of everyone
>getting together to discuss the details.

I agree there should be enough, but we need them to raise their voices.

I'd just like to hear who's able and willing to commit his/her time? As I 
see it, we need a list of dependable people who are available if/when 
needed. needs to grow well beyond the current small group.


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