Official dirs for per-project packaging ?

Alexander Gottwald Alexander.Gottwald at
Tue Oct 12 15:49:05 PDT 2004

Roland Mainz wrote:

> Is there any interest to have a common subdir in xc/ for per-project
> packaging, e.g. xc/packaging/${projectname}/ (which means in the case of
> "xwin" xc/packaging/xwin/ or xc/packaging/xorg/ for "xorg") where the
> scripts for packging are stored ? It seems more than one project have
> their packaging stuff living within the tree and then a common location
> for such stuff may be usefull.

This also raises the question about documentation.
Currently I have the Cygwin/X FAQ and Users Guide in the xserver repository
but I'm thinking about moving it to hw/xwin/doc.

Documentation is very closely bound to the DDX and should live within the
hw/$DDX directory. I'd also vote for keeping the packaging information
close to the DDX and not scatter it all over the tree.

The Cygwin/X stuff currently includes config/cf/cygwin*,
programs/Xserver/hw/xwin, programs/Xserver/GL/windows  and some patches all
over the tree. But the most important parts are available in only a few
places and are easy to review.

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