really slow on i845

Tom Walsh tom at
Wed Oct 13 00:20:41 PDT 2004

Hello, hope this is the correct list?

I just installed 6.7.0 on an Intel 845 based board and have terribly 
slow performance while running glxgears.

Before I took the system down for the new software system, I tested the 
video performance at 690 f/s.  This was with XFree86.  However, since 
I've installed the new software (Mandrake 10.1), which packaged the xorg 
server (xorg-X11-6.7.0-2mdk), the performance has dropped to 196 f/s.  A 
rather severe reduction.

What could be the culprit?  What info would you need from me?



Tom Walsh - WN3L - Embedded Systems Consultant,
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