moving windows between servers

Greg Watson bugs at
Thu Oct 14 14:56:09 PDT 2004

Jay Cotton wrote:
> Hi Greg:
> So, the first question is 'whats wrong with xinerama?'
> Then how about BigX (?)
> Else, there is no way.  Or write your own app. ..
> JC
Hi Jay,

Well when I try to run Xinerama everything works ok except for two issues.

Issue 1:
	Slow - 4480x1200 over AGP + PCI bus runs 25-50% of CPU on a Dual Xeon 
2.8GHz w/ HT  Often times I have to wait for drop down menus to draw and 
dragging windows between displays leaves a long trail.

Issue 2:
	OpenGL apps don't work correctly because of needed setup.  For example.

I have the follow setup:

LCD: 19" 24" 19"
Head: 2   0   1

Per docs, xinerama currently only supports opengl on head 0.  That would 
be great except that when opengl apps try to run full screen, they try 
to place the windows in logical position 0x0.  That puts the window on 
head 2, +0+0.  That won't work...I needed head 0, +0+0 for it to work. 
This isn't a window manager issue as I have tested with windowed apps 
and it works well.

I will look into BigX.  I guess what I was looking for is some app like 
"screen" for X.

Thanks again,
Greg Watson

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