moving windows between servers

Jay Cotton Jay.Cotton at
Thu Oct 14 14:45:34 PDT 2004

Hi Greg:

So, the first question is 'whats wrong with xinerama?'

Then how about BigX (?)

Else, there is no way.  Or write your own app. ..


Greg Watson wrote:
> Hello all,
> Wanted to know if there was a way to move a app/window from one server 
> to another without using xinerama on the same host.
> For example,
> I have three servers running:
> Right  (:0.2 1280x1024) - PCI
> Center (:0.0 1920x1200) - AGP
> Left   (:0.1 1280x1024) - AGP
> All three are configured inside one xorg.conf using screen left/right of 
> directives.  However, do to the differences in bus speeds and the large 
> display area (4480x1200) it is not possible to run full xinerama.
> I do not care to have windows "overlapping" seams.  I really just want 
> to "pop" off one server and push to another.  Is this possible?
> Currently the mouse moves just fine between displays/servers but I would 
> like to move windows.
> Thanks in advance,
> System Specs:
> xorg-x11: 6.8.0-r2
> fvwm: 2.5.12
> nvidia: 1.0.6111-r2
> Video Cards:
> 	AGP nVidia NV25GL [Quadro4 900 XGL] rev 163, Mem 128mb
> 	PCI nVidia NV17 [GeForce4 MX 440] rev 163, Mem 64mb
> Monitors:
> 	2x 1280x1024 LCD (4:3)
> 	1x 1920x1200 LCD (16:10)

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