Are we doing a X11R6.8.x maintaince release ?

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Fri Oct 15 21:00:29 PDT 2004

Roland Mainz wrote:
>Which persons are actually allowed to do that job (e.g. release
>admin/manager/whatever for "X11R6.8.x maintaince update 1" (please don't
>call it "Service Pack"... :)) ?

I'm not aware of a formal policy - so this is just my opinion.
I think the primary qualifications would be:
  - ability to commit to at least a few hours a week, and preferably
    to be able to call in to at least some of the release wrangler's
    calls (Release managers for the head branch/bigger releases need
    to commit to much more time than the maintenance branch/micro
    releases and to definite attendance at most concalls - which I'd
    be willing to reschedule to better fit the timezone of the head
    branch release manager.)
  - willingness to volunteer
  - knowledge of the tree
  - ability to communicate (unfortunately, including at least some
    level of ability to speak, read, and write in English, since that's
    the only language in common to most of our developers)

Preferably it's someone who is already involved, has commit
priviledges and has a track record known to the membership at
large.   (Not to discourage new developers, just to prefer they
get their feet wet first before jumping in to the deep end of the

I don't think I'd object to any of the people who have entries in
our ChangeLog already.

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