ATI mach64 core consultant work needed

Vladimir Dergachev volodya at
Sat Oct 16 01:08:30 PDT 2004

>> It was written a while ago but most of things mentioned on this page
>> still apply. The biggest difference is that a few of the issues
>> have been fixed and cannot occur without an informative (at least
>> for me) error message.
> Humm, I'm getting about 135 fps ATM, amanda is running.
> Just about everything checks, dri is enabled, but when I get to the
> ldd thing?:
> root at coyote root]# ldd glxgears
> ldd: ./glxgears: No such file or directory

It just can't find it - you should specify the path explicitly or do:

ldd `which glxgears`

Also, what does glxinfo tell you ?


                         Vladimir Dergachev

> But it does run if I run it, albeit slowly.
> What is this trying to tell me?  I'm not on a first name basis with
> ldd obviously :(
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