Retrieving config filename.

Stuart Kreitman Stuart.Kreitman at Sun.COM
Sun Oct 17 11:06:31 PDT 2004

Alan Coopersmith wrote:

> Ben Skeggs wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Is there an X request or even an Xlib call which can be used to discover
>> the location of the config file being used by the X server.  I am 
>> trying to
dig it out of the .log file

>> write a control panel interface to various things related to the X 
>> server,
>> and with XFree/Xorg and whatever other X servers there are around,
>> guessing the current config file might be a little difficult.
> It would be very difficult to have such a request or call - you don't 
> know
> that you can access the filesystem of the runnning X server (what if 
> you're
> displaying remotely), what format it's config file is in (while XFree86 &
> Xorg use a common format, there are others - Xsun on Solaris is very
> different for instance) or even if there is a config file (XFree86 4.4 &
> Xorg can autoconfigure and run without a config file, one can imagine a
> Windows X server storing configuration in the registry instead of a 
> config,
> etc.)

A lot of this can be resolved once you find the .log file.  I agree that 
read access to
the server's filesystem is still necessary, which might fit into good 
security consideration anyway.

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