Locales for Indic languages

Ienup Sung is at mpkmail.eng.sun.com
Mon Oct 18 09:26:36 PDT 2004

FWIW, we have also publishsed a few technical documentations and
presentation materials usually at past Unicode conferences on how
we did the support of the complex text layout scripts at Solaris X11
implementation. Initially, we added the support at CDE/Motif and then we
also added the support at libX11 layer, i.e., an XOM module. <-- We use
The Open Group (X/Open)'s Portable Layout Services (PLS) library and
dynamically loaded layout engine at both the CDE/Motif and the XOM module
but we didn't change or introduce any new APIs.

Some of the technical presentation materials can be found from the following
location if you wish to see:


The above are open and free and don't need to register yourself or anything

With regards,


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