R200 PCI faster with TCL disabled. (fwd)

Vladimir Dergachev volodya at mindspring.com
Mon Oct 18 14:40:08 PDT 2004

Gene - try this suggestion..

                    Vladimir Dergachev

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Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 23:17:45 +0200
From: Jacek Rosik <paproch at fastmail.fm>
To: dri-devel at lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: R200 PCI faster with TCL disabled.


I was testing some apps on my PCI 9200. And I noticed that they run
terribly slow. But when i switched to wireframe mode the frame rate
seemed much better. This seemed strange. IIRC radeons are much faster in
rendering solid geometry than wireframe. So after a little thinking I
set R200_NO_TCL an run those apps again. Automagicaly they became about
4 times faster: ~20/~90 fps. Nice, a fallback which is faster than
normal path :). Any ideas?

Jacek Rosik <paproch at fastmail.fm>

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