Stereo support for radeons.

Jacek Rosik paproch at
Tue Oct 19 02:42:30 PDT 2004


Here is my work on adding stereo support for radeon. It consists of
patches against drm (as of 2004/10/04) , mesa (as of 6.2 release) and
xorg (as of 6.8.1 release). Note that 'linux-core' drm version is
untested as it doesn't work with my pci r200, and i don't have an agp
card currently.

Everything is also in my subversion repository:

This work is not complete, but it's quite usable. Things not working are
rare situations or not worth the work required (at least in my opinion).
These things are:

* Inidrect rendering - Problem is with writing anything into front right
buffer. I thought about faking offscreen pixmap which lies in front
right buffer. I even hat, some semiworking implementation, what was
missing was tracking window cliprects.

* Rendering into fronbuffer - This only happens when app renders into
non stereo visual (front buffer) and there is app having stereo visual.
This is rather rare situation, so I don't think its very important.

Also Vladimir Dergachev pointed out that there are some stereo scpecific
registers on radeons. I haven't found such thing in radeon_regs.h. He
promised to provied some info later, so I'll probably review my changes.
But current method is quite generic, and can be implemented for all
cards supporting pagfliping (at least I think so).

Please review those patches and let me know what You think abut them. 

Jacek Rosik <paproch at>
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