VisibilityFullyObscured and Composite...

Keith Packard keithp at
Tue Oct 19 20:02:13 PDT 2004

Around 4 o'clock on Oct 20, Roland Mainz wrote:

> That may result in performance problems and other unwanted effects. Just
> think about TAB widgets where each tab is a subwindow - in that case the
> VisibilityFullyObscured event will turn off activities in the full
> obscured tabs. Making all windows always unobscured will cause much
> trouble as none of the tabs will stop rendering.

If windows, each TAB widget would not be a redirected top-level window, and
so Visibility events would be delivered correctly to them. The only place
where Composite affects Visibility events is for windows which are
redirected with the Composite extension to off-screen buffers.

> What about adding an own event API to the Composite extension that
> applications can get events for the case that they are fully obscured
> but still visible (througth other transparent windows) ?

We needn't add a custom event; simple conventions between the CM and the 
application should suffice, much as we use properties to notify 
applications of WM-related state changes.


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